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Volunteers - Application

Last Updated 15th March 2021

Why volunteer?

Firstly, there is the reason that NHS staff will benefit from skilled support through this stressful time.

Secondly, there are benefits for you too...

  1. Experience working with NHS staff.

  2. Practice guidelines to aid you in your work.

  3. Free supervision of your practice, 1 to 1, every 6 weeks.

  4. Free networking & training events - bi-monthly virtual conference for volunteers.

  5. A medal of service for your email signature at the end of the project.

  6. A warm feeling for helping the health and social care people :)

Who can volunteer?

Qualified Coaches or Professionally Registered Health & Social Care Practitioners with public liability insurance.  


Able to provide 3 sessions per week, as a volunteer.

Our application form will quickly answer your questions on whether you are eligble.

Our application process is very robust, so please spare 20 minutes to complete it.  It will need copies of your identification, qualifications and in some cases a reference.

How does it work?

Once your identity is verified you are added to our booking system.

Here you select the sessions you would like to provide and then NHS staff book directly into them as and when they need them.

You receive email calendar invites and contact details.

Simple and easy.

Interested in joining the Project5 delivery team?

Our team relies on an array of amazingly skilled and generous people, the delivery team.

Some have been here since it was founded, some come and go as they are able.

If you are interested in offering a wider skillset to support our admin, research, comms, user testing teams etc.

Please click below to express your interest.

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