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Last Updated 15th March 2021

Project5 is a front door to early wellbeing support for health and care workers.  It brings together self-help, coaching and mental health expertise and volunteers into a space that is supervised, built on evidence, evaluated and adapted to meet the need of those who use the service but also our volunteers.

In our service - volunteer safety and support is central.

We help those who want to help and can help - to channel that energy into the right type of support.

For those already onboarded and registered into the booking system

New Volunteers


Project5 is currently not looking for new volunteers in our support pool, with a team of over 1,000 currently.  Please check back later.

We continue to look for people in our core delivery team - click the team vacancies button for more information below.

Apply to join the service
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Our Booking System

Project5 is delivered via our bespoke digital booking system.  For those who are already members, you can login in at any time with the button at the top of this page (or here).  

If you need help setting up your registration, please click below.


Project5 Information for Current Volunteers

Project5 provides weekly updates to the team, every Friday.

We also provide information on our fundraising efforts and a Frequently Asked Questions section for all of our volunteers.

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