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Access support - for NHS Staff

Last Updated 22nd April 2020

If you have had any thoughts of suicide or fears that this is a risk for you - CLICK HERE for support.

Self-Help Resources

Self-help resources for you and your team.


Free support

For stress / distress

For any NHS staff member

Who are the volunteers?

Project5 is an online booking system which gives NHS staff access to free one-to-one support from a team of volunteer coaches and mental health practitioners.  So far, over 4,000 such volunteers have registered meaning that we can potentially support thousands of healthcare workers every month.

Our volunteers are split into two groups (Tiers) :

Coaching Tier: coaches, psychologists and medics with coaching training.

Mental Health Practitioner Tier: Psychologists, Therapists, Psychotherapists, Mental Health nurses etc...

All volunteers are professionally registered, insured and appropriately qualified.  All volunteers receive supervision and guidance in how to best NHS staff at this time.

What do we offer?

Project5 will link you to the support you need, based on what you yourself choose.  Whether this is self-help resources, 3 x coaching sessions or 3 x wellbeing sessions.  This is all free to you.

How do you access it?

Click one of the links below, register an account, select your need and then pick the times that suit you to connect with your supporter.  

You will then receive an email from us, confirming the time and date.

You will then hear from your supporter, on how best to connect with them :)

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