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About Us

Last Updated 15th March 2021

Project5 is a fast growing organisation already with over 1,000 volunteer members and a multi-skilled core delivery team.

Our Mission

To facilitate a connected team of skilled and caring volunteers to create meaningful impact on the wellbeing of health/care workers.  

Our Values

We strive to be kind, thoughtful, grounded and playful with each other as a team and the world we hope to change for the better.  

Embracing the journey of supporting others which is surely full of learning, potential failure and success.  Positive leadership, co-creation and mutual support enable us to thrive.

We believe in ourselves and those we support. 


Our Difference & Diversity Statement​


Project5 regards our differences as our strength. We believe it is through sharing and celebrating our differences and diversity that our world is enriched with new understandings and perspectives. It is through acknowledging and appreciating our diversity and engaging with and respecting our different identities and experiences that a process of inclusion develops.

We are committed at Project5 to providing equal access to a Stress Support and Wellbeing Service which embraces the diversity of Health and Care staff, including their cultural background, age, gender identity, abilities, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, domestic circumstances, and social and employment status. Valuing the importance of inclusion enables us to work collaboratively with Health and Care staff to identify and build on their individual strengths, abilities, and positive characteristics.


We believe at Project5 it is through utilising these qualities that Health and Care staff are better able to face the obstacles they encounter at work and in personal life. However, we recognise that deeply embedded social practices have historically discriminated against certain groups and continue to constrain their ability to overcome and deal with the challenges they face or for these challenges to be recognised within the context of their daily lived experience.

Discrimination and harassment of anyone is unacceptable and regarded by Project5 as stemming both from an abuse of power and a failure to respect and value the differences and diversity perceived in others. It is destructive at every level.

Celebrating difference and diversity is achieved through our Coaching and Wellbeing practitioners adhering to four core ethical principles (British Psychological Society, 2018):

  • Respect. The dignity of each person must be respected by each Coach and Wellbeing practitioner. Respect for the dignity of each person recognises each person’s inherent worth, and that regardless of perceived or real differences they should be treated with equal consideration.

  • Competence. Competence refers to a Coaching or Wellbeing practitioner’s ability to provide interviews required by Project5 to a professional standard. A Coach or Wellbeing practitioner should not provide Project5 services that are outside their areas of knowledge, skill, training, and experience

  • Responsibility. Coaching and Wellbeing practitioners must accept appropriate responsibility within their Project5 remit. Awareness of responsibility ensures that the trust of others is not abused, the power of influence is effectively managed and that a duty of care towards Health and Care staff is always paramount.

  • Integrity. Acting with integrity includes Coaching and Wellbeing practitioners being honest, truthful, accurate and consistent in actions, words, decisions, methods, and outcomes. It requires setting self-interest to one side and being objective and open to challenge one’s own behaviour.


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