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Volunteer Roadmap

Last Updated 17th February 2021


It is critical that you ensure that emails from '' do not go into your SPAM inbox - as these will contain the details of sessions NHS Staff have booked with you!

Key information about Project5 and our platform - for our volunteers


  • Managing your availability and bookings

  • Supervision for volunteers - when to book and how to book

  • Pausing your volunteer status

  • Removing youself from Project5


Managing your availability and bookings


You can create availability in our booking system.  Here you can also delete availability or cancel booking appointments, with clients. 

The bookings system is not written in stone.  If you and the service user choose to meet at a different time, you do not need to update our calendar.  If you choose to move an appointment to another time that is available in your calendar, simply cancel that slot in your calendar (in our booking system) to remove your availability.

Supervision for volunteers - when to book and how to book.

Our service provides supervision for volunteers.  

It is a service standard expectation that all volunteers book in for supervision after their 1st session with an NHS staff member.

Please do not book supervision if you have not provided a support session with a service user.

Supervision is booked via the booking system, by clicking the 'Supervision' tab on the left side of the calendar.

Pausing your volunteer status

You can pause your volunteer status at any time, by clicking the 'Pause' button at the top of our booking page calendar.  This will not cancel any existing bookings.

Removing yourself from Project5

Before leaving, consider pausing (above) as the process of getting into Project5 is extensive and we currently have a waiting list.  We value all volunteers :)

If you decide to leave, please email this request to so that we can ensure deletion of all of your data.





If you need support from the Project5 team please contact with the subject line “Support Request”

Training feedback

We are currently developing a mixed media training course, with CPD points.  For now, we'd appreciate your feedback on the training we have provided here.  Please complete our very brief feedback form.

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