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What is Project5?

Last Updated 15th March 2021

Enabling successful working for Health/Care staff​

Project5 is a not-for-profit organisation, that provides a unique service to NHS staff and healthcare workers. We deliver access to structured and highly skilled support that is designed to enable success at work, through activating the strengths of people to achieve balance and connectedness to their purpose at work. 

That’s a long way of saying, we help people when they find work hard.

We are not a mental health service — in fact we detach from that language intentionally and we detach from the idea that we are a COVID response service. Our offer, which is provided by over 1,000 highly skilled and trained Coaches, Psychologists, Therapists etc, is to work with staff whilst they are capable of effecting change in their own lives. To provide contact, through FREE 1-to-1 sessions, to those who are finding work hard, are sleeping less, are eating more, are having less fun… are showing the early signs of strain.

We do this through evidence-based approaches that support healthcare staff to step away from the immediate problem and to activate or learn ideas and strengths that promote resilience and meaningful purpose in their work. Most, if not all, Healthcare staff start their careers with meaningful purpose and connectedness, but to be frank, the work is hard and this wears down for many. Currently, it is harder than ever and looks to stay that way for a while.

We are here to enable success for those at work. We are partnered with NHSE, at their request, to support the NHS in this endeavour, but we remain independent. This means that contact with us is not traced, is confidential and is there to serve the NHS staff member and not any HR process.


Built by HCPC registered clinicians to support health/care workers at the right distance to make them feel safe. We currently provide many hours a week of support staff — so don’t hesitate to connect with us to aid your success in your work at


This is a UK wide offer to all NHS staff and supporting healthcare workers.


Any role, any grade, you are all deserving and valued.

"I most valued the immediate and consistent help, when I needed it"

Project5 service user

Our volunteers


All volunteers for Project5 undertake a screening process to ensure only those with the correct credentials and professional registration can be added.


Project5 is founded on a strong level of governance.


An service users can be reassured they are always speaking with correctly trained and vetted volunteers.


Training guidelines are provided to all volunteers to help them understand the challenges facing health / care staff.


Each professional is guided by supervisors and an experienced Clinical Psychology team which continually gathers evidence to understand what methods are working and what can be improved.

A learning model for a sustainable future


Project5 sits alongside health/care workers as a highly flexible service that can respond quickly to the changing needs of the UK healthcare workforce.

By constantly observing who uses the service and what benefit they get Project5 offers a responsive support model fit to meet future unknown challenges.


While the NHS has its own mental health response plan for staff, we believe Project5 offers something unique that is proactive, positive in its outlook and independent / confidential for all service users.

“ Before getting support I thought that my problems, to others, would be deemed as silly.  But I was made to feel that my thoughts were very much normal."

Project5 Service User

# HighFiveOurCarers and donate to make a difference


Can we form the biggest virtual high five ever and make a real difference?


Our #HighFiveOurCarers initiative is a fun and caring way to provide a donation that will help us continue to offer as much support as possible to health / care staff.​

Visit our Healthcare mental health fundraising campaign page for details on how you can support this wider goal.

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