Why are we fund raising?

Last Updated 27th April 2020

From launch to sustainability​


Project5 is built in response to a surge in pressure, threat and crisis on the healthcare sector.  There is evidence that the healthcare team face mental health risks as the pandemic response continues, with uncertainty about how long these conditions will be experienced, to what scale and to what human cost.  

Many NHS staff members face serious mental health challenges such as stress and trauma as a result of treating patients with coronavirus (COVID-19) and the pressures on the NHS at this time. As well as the immediate impact of caring for patients in critical condition, and the fear of catching the virus, staff are often worried about their family’s safety and their ability to deliver the best possible care as the pandemic evolves.


It is the primary goal of Project5 to be of service to the mental health needs of healthcare workers during this crisis and beyond.  But, in rising up to this challenge - we inherit responsibilities that we must walk towards with our eyes open.

"it is our responsibility not to create a demand 

for a service, that fails to 


Dr Craig Newman

CEO, Project5

An evolving service


As CEO of Project5, I bring a lot of experience from not-for-profit healthcare innovation.  I led the ACEmobile alzheimers and the EpSMon epilepsy service innovations, which were charity supported and free solutions for the NHS.  Both required over £150-200kk each to maintain - on key personnel, within public sector host organisations.  Most of this was grant / charity raised with oversight and clear reporting.  This is just what it costs to provide things for free.

Without money, support is not deliverable or able to acheive a trustworthy standard - and utlimately collapses.  This is the first challenge I am made to answer whenever I speak to any NHS lead about Project5 - the NHS needs to see sustainability planning to partner with any venture.

Project5 is currently emerging out of the spirit of support provided by the many specialists who have volunteered.  The delivery of this goodwill to the NHS team is dependent on the current delivery team and numerous companies contributing their support, at no. cost. In addition, there are mounting technological costs in being able to link volunteers to the NHS team who need them.  Already the project is reliant on:

  • A management committee (6 professionals)

  • A clinical governance comiittee (8 senior clinicians)

  • A research committee (6 specialist researchers)

  • A comms team (5 volunteer comms specialists and 4 companies)

  • An admin team (7 volunteers, giving 3 days a week each)

  • A technology company (building the platform for free)

  • Numerous server and mail softwares (estimated to cost £1-2000 per month at full service capacity).

  • 1,000s of volunteer specialists

Some of these areas of need will transfer into dependent roles, as time progresses.  Without these, the service is not at the standard required and the model will collapse when volunteers move back to work or lose the drive to continue.

Our responsibility is sustainability


Project5 positions itself to support the NHS and its team.  By definition, this is a sustainable offer or it is not an offer.  The communications work needed to get the NHS staff to go to and to trust Project5 is huge - and so the project has to work towards being stable for the duration of its need. 


The mental health need is emerging and will be enduring - the sustainable model is unclear - but is the target. 

Funding strategy & oversight


We have our own funding initiative at:  fundraising campaign page


We aim to fund the continued development of the Project5 platform to version 2, which incorporates the additional features we feel are needed to solve the accessibility issues many staff face.

We have partnered with charities who support the sustainability goal and are fundraising for this outcome.

We will open discussions with the NHS on how Project5 can support their own rollout issues, which may require innovation funding to support.  

Our oversight committee will include charity and professional representation, to direct funds to the community need.  Project5 is commited to a not-for-profit ethos.  We have already had requests to support numerous other mental health initiatives (for NHS staff and beyond) which we would like to be able to support, if the fundraising is successful (suicide hotline, family mediation services etc).

We want to reassure those who are volunteering, that this project's efforts to seek sustainability are in service of those who need it - and not a route to profit.  We will remain transparent about our decisions, funding and direction as we progress.

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