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Why are we fund raising & how to support us

Last Updated 15th March 2021

"I want to fundraise"


This service is dependent on funds to be sustainable for NHS staff.

There are many ways to fundraise:

  • Run a local event.

  • Ask for sponsorship to complete an activity.

  • Ask your local town hall or school to raise money via a fair.

  • Spread the word about our donation page (link here)

  • Be creative!!

Thanks for even considering this!

From launch to sustainability​


Project5 was built in response to a surge in pressure, threat and crisis on the healthcare sector.  There is evidence that the healthcare team face mental health risks as the pandemic response continues, with uncertainty about how long these conditions will be experienced, to what scale and to what human cost.  

Many health and care workers face wellbeing challenges such as stress and burnout as a result of continuing and mounting pressures on the NHS and health system at this time. As well as the immediate impact of caring for patients in critical condition, and the fear of catching the virus, staff are often worried about their family’s safety and their ability to deliver the best possible care as the pandemic evolves.


It is the primary goal of Project5 to be of service to the wellbeing needs of health and care workers during this crisis and beyond.  But, in rising up to this challenge - we inherit responsibilities that we must walk towards with our eyes open.

"our desire is to create a sustainable service to meet demand, as it grows"

Dr Craig Newman

CEO, Project5

An evolving service

Project5  is a not-for-profit organisation that has ongoing costs to meet to be sustainable and to develop based on learning and changing need.  These costs include

  • Management

  • Administration

  • Comms support

  • Insurance

  • Technologies

  • Software updates

  • Numerous server and mail softwares (estimated to cost £1-2000 per month at full service capacity).

  • Volunteer training and support

Our responsibility is sustainability


Project5 recognises the likely enduring need of health and care workers to receive support.  We accept the responsibility to build a sustainable service, fundraising being a core component of this.

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