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Project5 Updates - for Volunteers

Last Updated - Stated within the page below

Friday update (29th May)

Friday update (22nd May)

Project5 status


Project5 is live and taking bookings, the system is open to onboarded staff.

We did not advertise to NHS staff until we had NHSE wellbeing taskforce approval - which we now have.  This project is activating full national comms from today, to NHS staff.

You may not have had bookings yet - don't worry.  The site is being advertised and traffic will come in!  We will let you know if your booking times are unpopular in a few weeks!

We have 10,000+ sessions available for staff this month. Which is great.



Our campaign has launched:

Campaign site

Volunteer branding pack

Fundraising details and oversight strategy

Queries or Support


Many queries are being sent direct to the CEO (Craig Newman)

These will go unanswered for a long period.


Please use our support form

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