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About Us

Last Updated 15th March 2021

The Leadership Team


Dr Craig Newman


Clinical Psychologist, 20+ years NHS experience. Multi-award winning NHS service innovator.


Dr Chandanee Kotecha

Wellbeing co-lead

Clinical Psychologist.  Specialist research interest in staff wellbeing.

Cordet Smart-PU-Psychology-8617.webp

Dr Cordet Smart

Organisational Development Lead


Former nurse, now Research Lead for Exeter University Clinical Psychology Course.


Dr Paul Tibbles

Wellbeing Lead

Clinical Psychologist, Coach, Psychotherapist, Supervisor. + 40 years in health, education and social care contexts.

Peripheral Team​s

Project5 is supported by nearly a team of delivery staff, these are housed in various sub-teams, including: 


Clinical Governance Committee with 8 members, all of which are seasoned and professional Chartered professionals representing varying organisations / professional bodies.


The Research Team includes 4 members, a range of academics and clinicians, partnered with the Exeter University Clinical Psychology Programme.

The Operations Team is staffed by exceptional volunteers from numerous consultancy sectors, currently at 3 staff.

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