About Us

Last Updated 15th March 2021

The Leadership Team

Dr Craig Newman


Clinical Psychologist, 20+ years NHS experience. Multi-award winning NHS service innovator.

Dr Chandanee Kotecha

Wellbeing co-lead

Clinical Psychologist.  Specialist research interest in staff wellbeing.

Dr Cordet Smart

Organisational Development Lead


Former nurse, now Research Lead for Exeter University Clinical Psychology Course.

Dr Paul Tibbles

Wellbeing Lead

Clinical Psychologist, Coach, Psychotherapist, Supervisor. + 40 years in health, education and social care contexts.

Peripheral Team​s

Project5 is supported by nearly a team of delivery staff, these are housed in various sub-teams, including: 


Clinical Governance Committee with 8 members, all of which are seasoned and professional Chartered professionals representing varying organisations / professional bodies.


The Research Team includes 4 members, a range of academics and clinicians, partnered with the Exeter University Clinical Psychology Programme.

The Operations Team is staffed by exceptional volunteers from numerous consultancy sectors, currently at 3 staff.